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ChatBot in E-Commerce

How can we help you?

A chatbot for e-commerce gives you the power to engage with new, existing, and potential customers with real-time, text-style messaging, without actually providing a live person.

Through carefully scripted conversations, your brand can provide your customer base with support, information, and resources 24/7.

Like any conversation, chatbots are a 2 way street and there are benefits for both brands and users.

Provide customer service and support

Gather feedback on the customer experience

Recommend related products to increase sales

What can a chatbot do?


  1. Sell products and services over engaging conversations with no human help.
  2. Charge payments via digital payment methods to finalize sales
  3. Automate follow up on sales opportunities.

Customer Services

  1. Automate the process of resolving customer issues and opening up a support ticket.
  2. End frustrating “hold times” experienced by customers.
  3. Give your customers the closest thing to a “personal shopper” experience online.


  1. Qualify leads for sales more quickly and easily than ever before.
  2. Provide information including video links.
  3. Run more sales and marketing programs without adding more staff.

What you can expect?

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns:
With up to 4 reminders, this campaign helps get your non-responsive customers on track to complete their purchase with products from their abandoned carts. This is a crucial campaign to see ROI’s. 
2. Add to cart campaigns:
Adding products to the cart after browsing through your website is the first step towards increase a lead value. This campaign helps the customer to browse and add products to cart from within the bot and/or purchase from the website via the bot based on your needs.
3. Product Recommendation Campaigns:
Recommending the right products to your customers is crucial to increase sales. This campaign recommends products based on the user’s need once they make a purchase.
4. Lead Nurture Campaigns:
Ever wondered how to nurture a customer after their first or next purchase? This campaign helps deliver offers and discounts for your customers next purchase via email and/or SMS (additional SMS charges applicable). 
5. Website Chat Widget Purchase:
Target users who visit your website and any specific product pages with advanced bots to increase sales. 

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