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Chatbot in Real Estate

What can a chatbot do?

ChatBot can automate conversations with your customers for Lead generation. chat support. Interactive Landing Pages.Surveys. Inquiries. Appointments. Feedback and Suggestions. Customize as Per Need. Ai driven. Best ROI in Industry. 

How can we help you?

Property Listing Chatbot:

Managing bot content for real estate agents might be daunting, especially when the list of available properties continually updates. Manage property listings from Google Sheets and generate dynamic galleries based on a visitor’s search criteria is the ideal solution to save time and effort

Web bot to generate buyer and seller leads:

This bot is all you need as a real estate company to automate most, if not all, your important outreach activities:

Lead Qualification bot:

Engage, nurture, and convert buyers and sellers into clients through the most popular channel and close more deals than humanly possible.

Appointment Messenger Bot:

Real Estate chatbot helps clients get information about listed properties and schedule tours with real estate agents using Facebook Messenger bot.

Qualify Buyers

Recruit Realtors based on experience

Gather Seller leads fast

Open house Bot:

The bot is designed to make the Open House experience more efficient both for agents and buyers

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